Wednesday, 2 January 2013

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Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel

Well yesterday was 01/01/13 I stayed up to 2am and then slept till 10am. So you know I'm really tired, yesterday and today. I'm a grumpy person >:(.

Far Cry 3 is still downloading, because of my really slow internet!! GOD i hate it so much.

My friends internet, Matthew (he is part of MabLabIndustries, on Youtube), is really really fast compared to mine. His computer downloaded Team Fortress 2 in about 5 hours!! Faster than the average, and he is next to a hill!! I downloaded Team Fortress 2 in 43 hours!! Wait what was i talking about?? Oh Far Cry, well i haven't got much more to say about that.

On another subject, I have deleted all my sound. I was going through Control Panel and then i was deleting programs that I thought that I didn't need for my Windows 8 computer (might be different useless programs) and then i deleted something beginning with a R, and then all my sound suddenly went!?! If anyone knows any Audio Output Device programs i would like to know them. 
Contact me at with the name of it and the link to download it.

So this blog is totally about what it is not meant to be about. I'm back in business!! This blog is meant to be about what has happened in this year, but it doesn't need to be does it?? Ill do that in the next blog because this one is too long.

Cloudy Out!!

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