Sunday, 30 December 2012

Steam Downloading

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Well, our Tekkit factory has exploded, i think it was the (safe) nuclear reactor that Leo installed. I don't know if we recorded that or not.

Leo is currently away on holiday so we can't record anymore videos for JPJPRM. 
I hope you like the Robbie Builds, the 12 viewers that watch them. He hasn't been on skype for quite along time, when he does come on though i will ask him to upload more. Well if he sees this I won't have to.

On Steam (sponsor) I go on a game called Team Fortress 2 (only availible on Steam) and today (30th december) I have been finding it quite easy... so if you viewers know any better Team Fortress 2 like games that are harder, I would like to hear them. :)I am currently downloading Far Cry 3, it cost me £30 which is $48.86 US dollars (for other than English people) and i can't wait for it to download. As you know by my previous blogs you know that i have a slow internet, really slow, so it takes ages to download stuff off Steam.

I currently have £38.60 ($62.35), and i am wondering what to game to spend it on. By the way, i don't like Assassin's Creed 3, so don't say get that.So if you know what i should spend my money on. Send it to and i will look at it, then by that game if i like it.
Cloudy Out!!

Saturday, 15 December 2012

A Lot has been done on tekkit

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A Lot has been done on Tekkit

Hello viewers of our strange/amazing YouTube channel
I hope you have watched our Tekkit videos, and by the way we are on episode 11, i think, and we have done quite alot. This is because we only record on weekends. Well we try and do it on weekdays but when we do it one of us has to go in the middle of recordings. So just to let you know, we have got loads of Red Matter. Plus a really big factory.

Cloudy Out!! 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

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My internet sucks

Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel. 
So i haven't been doing blogs for ages, that is because i have been really stressed. But now i will try and do a blog everyday or 2 days. 
So the main reason of this blog is to say that my internet sucks. If anyone has downloaded Team Fortress 2 (not copyright meant) it takes about 7 hours to download (the average of my friends download time) but unlike my friends mine take 25 hours. I know it takes ages. Plus im downloading 2 other games at the same time. So with 3 games downloading it takes 65 hours to download. 
I mean that is unnaturally slow, even for my internet.
Guess how old our Router is......... 8 years. My family says that it is fine, so that is why i have made up my mind to buy my own faster Router, I think they are called Routers. Also my family says that its to do with the location that i live, i do live in the middle of nowhere, but so does one of my friends, and it took him 9 hours to download. But i guess that his computer is speicially made to download and play games, much faster than anything else.
Plus the 'Cheddar Floods' are happening, so it takes twice as long to get anywhere. 
I think everything is taking twice as long as it normally would.

So I'm going to go and try and speed up the download time. 
Cloudy Out!!

Friday, 9 November 2012

Relationships, who would want them??

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Back to filming

Hello viewers of our strange/ amazing Youtube channel
So we haven't been doing videos at the moment because i have been going through a break up and i didn't really want to cry in the middle of one of our videos. Fortuantly (big word of the day) i am over her now, and we should be doing videos again, either tommorrow or next weekend
Me Robbie and Ratofdoom2 are going to do a survival games, I will ask Robbie if he wants to film and then put it up. So there might be a different type of video going up today or tommorrow.

Cloudy Out!!

Friday, 2 November 2012

Urban dictionary is awesome and Jonathan and Robbie posts

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Urban Dictionary is amazing just like our Youtube videos :3

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange Youtube videos
So lately me and Robbie (decided to stop doing rm and jp and Jp) have been going on Urban dictionary and i've typed in my name, Jack, and it came up with 'Jack is the name for a boy who will probably be the most amazing person you will ever meet in your life. He is intelligent, funny, sweet, caring, has beautiful eyes, dresses to kill, and will make you feel like you are the luckiest person on the face of the planet. However, watch out. You may lose track of time just sitting in his bed cuddling for hours. If you meet a Jack, consider yourself the luckiest person on the face of the planet. That, and he's an amazing kisser.' So any ladies out there give me a call, my number is 999/911. Ask for the Police and then you will be speaking with me. (Don't actually do that, you might be arrested)
Also i have been searching up a few of my friends, Laura, Katelyn, Robbie, Joseph, Sam, Derpy bird and Cheese.
All of them have got really weird responses, go check them out

So, watch our amazing/strange Youtube videos

Cloudy Out!!

Robbie's Section :D

So yeah, guys I have decided to create a blog about just random shizz, and no it wont be retarded like Jonathan's man that guys a headcase. 
My name is Robbie M hence the RM part. 

He he he *cough* *cough* so eh yeah.

Follow me on instagram?: robbiem2501 plz :D


Jonathan's Entry

Leo likes men
I like cheez
Hey the chez like u and the chez like meh <(0_0<) <(0_0)> >(0_0)> KIRBY DANCE!

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Back from Hols

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Back from Cornwall

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange Youtube videos.
Well I'm back from my 4 day stay in cornwall, with my girlfriend (forgot to put that in before), also rm/Robbie is back from London. So there might be more videos coming soon.

Um..... i really can't think what else to put.....

Oh yeah, at the moment we are planning our Tekkit series (spoiler) and because rm doesn't want to participate (big word of the day) we are getting another camera man, RatofDoom2 go subscribe to him. And also because on the server we go on we can get more people an extra person is joining. Duckman1000. I'm not sure if he has a Youtube account or not, but if you see him on any game (his username is normally Duckman1000) then just say hi. I'm still thinking of how to label our videos.
Should it be (title)-Tekkit with 2 other people-JPJPRM or (title)-Tekkit with a rat and a duck-JPJPRM. I don't know, please send messages to JPJPRM giving ideas of what the title should be

Please watch our strange/amazing (dang i got it mixed, but i can't be bothered to change it, I'm not lazy it's just because i am tired when i do these blogs)

Cloudy out!!

Monday, 29 October 2012

Pc world sucks!!


Jack's Entry

Pc world sucks

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange Youtube channel.

Pc world, the company that is fixing my computer, have let my mum now to pick up, the laptop. She went down to recieve it and then Pc world tells her that they only fixed one problem, so it needs to be shipped away again. So, we can either wait for it to be fixed, or write off the laptop and get our money back, in a voucher to buy another laptop. The only problem is that the voucher is going to take 8 days to come to us!!!!
So that is why you should never repair a computer at Pc world, you will spend 6 weeks without a laptop, and every home is not complete without a laptop.
A comment from my dad 'It would be much easier to just repair it at the local high street, and it would use much less fuel than going from our house to Pc worlds' store 5 times there and 5 times back.'

Also i normally go in my blogs, 'jp and rm' and people have said that they get confused. So Jp is me, jp is Jonathan and rm is Robbie

Hopefully you watch more of our amazing/strange videos. Unfortuantly rm is at london and will come back on wednesday, and then he's going out (im not sure for how long) so i don't know when the next video will be uploaded. Also i will be in Cornwall, and i will come back on Thursday, so the next blog will be on Thursday

I'm trying to get jp and rm to write on this blog, but im affraid that jp will just delete all of it and then write, 'WINDOWS!!!' So ill get them to send it to me by sky*e (not sure allowed to put real spelling, for copyright issues) and then i will upload it to this blog.

Hopefully you read all of this, this is a very long blog. and as i said before 'Hopefully you watch our amazing/strange videos.

Cloudy Out

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Evil computer fixererer company


Jack's entry

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange youtube channel
If you were wondering why we aren't uploading an videos at the moment it's because my computer is broken. It wouldn't charge. And the company is fixing it. It should of taken 2 weeks, we would be back doing videos by now if it was fixed, and now it's going to take (at least) 5 weeks. This is because of the company, apparently it takes 9 days to tell us that we need to buy a memory stick to put the data on. So sorry about that. Hopefully jp and rm/Jonathan and Robbie will start doing a adventure map to entertain you.