Saturday, 24 November 2012

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My internet sucks

Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel. 
So i haven't been doing blogs for ages, that is because i have been really stressed. But now i will try and do a blog everyday or 2 days. 
So the main reason of this blog is to say that my internet sucks. If anyone has downloaded Team Fortress 2 (not copyright meant) it takes about 7 hours to download (the average of my friends download time) but unlike my friends mine take 25 hours. I know it takes ages. Plus im downloading 2 other games at the same time. So with 3 games downloading it takes 65 hours to download. 
I mean that is unnaturally slow, even for my internet.
Guess how old our Router is......... 8 years. My family says that it is fine, so that is why i have made up my mind to buy my own faster Router, I think they are called Routers. Also my family says that its to do with the location that i live, i do live in the middle of nowhere, but so does one of my friends, and it took him 9 hours to download. But i guess that his computer is speicially made to download and play games, much faster than anything else.
Plus the 'Cheddar Floods' are happening, so it takes twice as long to get anywhere. 
I think everything is taking twice as long as it normally would.

So I'm going to go and try and speed up the download time. 
Cloudy Out!!

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