Monday, 29 October 2012

Pc world sucks!!


Jack's Entry

Pc world sucks

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange Youtube channel.

Pc world, the company that is fixing my computer, have let my mum now to pick up, the laptop. She went down to recieve it and then Pc world tells her that they only fixed one problem, so it needs to be shipped away again. So, we can either wait for it to be fixed, or write off the laptop and get our money back, in a voucher to buy another laptop. The only problem is that the voucher is going to take 8 days to come to us!!!!
So that is why you should never repair a computer at Pc world, you will spend 6 weeks without a laptop, and every home is not complete without a laptop.
A comment from my dad 'It would be much easier to just repair it at the local high street, and it would use much less fuel than going from our house to Pc worlds' store 5 times there and 5 times back.'

Also i normally go in my blogs, 'jp and rm' and people have said that they get confused. So Jp is me, jp is Jonathan and rm is Robbie

Hopefully you watch more of our amazing/strange videos. Unfortuantly rm is at london and will come back on wednesday, and then he's going out (im not sure for how long) so i don't know when the next video will be uploaded. Also i will be in Cornwall, and i will come back on Thursday, so the next blog will be on Thursday

I'm trying to get jp and rm to write on this blog, but im affraid that jp will just delete all of it and then write, 'WINDOWS!!!' So ill get them to send it to me by sky*e (not sure allowed to put real spelling, for copyright issues) and then i will upload it to this blog.

Hopefully you read all of this, this is a very long blog. and as i said before 'Hopefully you watch our amazing/strange videos.

Cloudy Out

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Evil computer fixererer company


Jack's entry

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange youtube channel
If you were wondering why we aren't uploading an videos at the moment it's because my computer is broken. It wouldn't charge. And the company is fixing it. It should of taken 2 weeks, we would be back doing videos by now if it was fixed, and now it's going to take (at least) 5 weeks. This is because of the company, apparently it takes 9 days to tell us that we need to buy a memory stick to put the data on. So sorry about that. Hopefully jp and rm/Jonathan and Robbie will start doing a adventure map to entertain you.