Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black Ops 2

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Black ops 2

Hello viewers of our Strange/Amazing Youtube Channel

So on Steam I have downloaded a new game (yes another one) Call of Duty Black Ops 2… IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!! It took me about 7 hours to download (quick for my internet) and it is just the best game ever!! If you haven’t got it I insist that you do buy it for either Xbox or computer of Steam (sponsors).

So lately our (my house… #my house, in the middle of our street….)reception for our 3G, signal for calling and internet speed have got faster. BOOYA!!

So I am thinking of starting and new Minecraft series with (maybe) my brother… But because I get really annoyed with my brother (same with all of siblings of everybody in the universe) I might not do it with him…

Another problem about recording a Minecraft Series is my house is never quite, expect in the mornings when everyone is asleep.  So if I record I will wake up all my family. YAY!!

Also another problem is there is loads and loads and loads of people doing Minecraft Let’s Plays

Also also another problem is my internet…. It’s download speed has got better but upload speed has got worse… So it takes 8 hours to upload 5 mins (average)
Cloudy Out!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Leo's First Blog - Tekkit will be uploaded soon.

Leo's Blog

Hi, I'm Leo. Also known as RatofDoom2 and I upload the Tekkit episodes. I'm just making this blog to say that I will attempt to upload Tekkit Episode 6 on Tuesday and hopefully it won't break. Jack said in one of his blogs that our factory has blown up. We're planning to do a Series 2 with no off-screen work done and definitely no cheating (looks at Jonathan.)

I'm not sure if we're still doing Hack Slash Mine after Tekkit or maybe even Voltz but hopefully we will do one of these. So look forward to Tekkit coming out.

Message of the Week: Snow is awesome and epic!

Mah Youtube channel:

This is RatofDoom2, signing out

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Another one bites the dust.....

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My girlfriends mum….

Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel
Well im sad… No other way to put it…. My girlfriends mum died on the 11/1/13 of breast cancer. This crap talking doctor said she had 6 months to live, but it turned out to be 3 weeks. I really hate doctors. Because of that doctor her mum hasn’t written a will which means that all her stuff goes to Katelyn’s dad. Her dad is a fat dick (not literally) and he just lies on the sofa in a dark room in front of a computer watching porn. So he naturally couldn’t look after Kate and her older sisters 14 and 16. So now they have gone into a foster home.
Also another thing about bad Doctors is. The same crap talking doctor said that I couldn’t go see her for about 6 months (this guy likes 6 months). So Kate is stuck it a foster home with no friends no mum and a doctor that comes in to check on her every single freaking day!! So much for leaving her alone. That is how I know he is talking absolute bull.
Cloudy Out
Fuck all you doctors

Robbie’s Entry
Okay here goes, Hello guys, long time no see did you have a good Christmas? I know I did, *sigh* oh god Robbie you're talking to the internet again...Anyways recently Katelyn's (Jack's girlfriend) mum died so it is a very sad moment for Jack (I'm sure he'll put most the details on his blog) I and I'm sure Jonathan and the rest of the crew feel the same way as Jack so we all pay our respects and yeah I guess she's in a better place

R.I.P. Harriet Garret

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Blog that is nothing about what it is... Wait what??

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Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel

Well yesterday was 01/01/13 I stayed up to 2am and then slept till 10am. So you know I'm really tired, yesterday and today. I'm a grumpy person >:(.

Far Cry 3 is still downloading, because of my really slow internet!! GOD i hate it so much.

My friends internet, Matthew (he is part of MabLabIndustries, on Youtube), is really really fast compared to mine. His computer downloaded Team Fortress 2 in about 5 hours!! Faster than the average, and he is next to a hill!! I downloaded Team Fortress 2 in 43 hours!! Wait what was i talking about?? Oh Far Cry, well i haven't got much more to say about that.

On another subject, I have deleted all my sound. I was going through Control Panel and then i was deleting programs that I thought that I didn't need for my Windows 8 computer (might be different useless programs) and then i deleted something beginning with a R, and then all my sound suddenly went!?! If anyone knows any Audio Output Device programs i would like to know them. 
Contact me at with the name of it and the link to download it.

So this blog is totally about what it is not meant to be about. I'm back in business!! This blog is meant to be about what has happened in this year, but it doesn't need to be does it?? Ill do that in the next blog because this one is too long.

Cloudy Out!!