Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black Ops 2

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Black ops 2

Hello viewers of our Strange/Amazing Youtube Channel

So on Steam I have downloaded a new game (yes another one) Call of Duty Black Ops 2… IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!! It took me about 7 hours to download (quick for my internet) and it is just the best game ever!! If you haven’t got it I insist that you do buy it for either Xbox or computer of Steam (sponsors).

So lately our (my house… #my house, in the middle of our street….)reception for our 3G, signal for calling and internet speed have got faster. BOOYA!!

So I am thinking of starting and new Minecraft series with (maybe) my brother… But because I get really annoyed with my brother (same with all of siblings of everybody in the universe) I might not do it with him…

Another problem about recording a Minecraft Series is my house is never quite, expect in the mornings when everyone is asleep.  So if I record I will wake up all my family. YAY!!

Also another problem is there is loads and loads and loads of people doing Minecraft Let’s Plays

Also also another problem is my internet…. It’s download speed has got better but upload speed has got worse… So it takes 8 hours to upload 5 mins (average)
Cloudy Out!!

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