Sunday, 13 January 2013

Another one bites the dust.....

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Jack’s Entry

My girlfriends mum….

Hello viewers of our strange/amazing youtube channel
Well im sad… No other way to put it…. My girlfriends mum died on the 11/1/13 of breast cancer. This crap talking doctor said she had 6 months to live, but it turned out to be 3 weeks. I really hate doctors. Because of that doctor her mum hasn’t written a will which means that all her stuff goes to Katelyn’s dad. Her dad is a fat dick (not literally) and he just lies on the sofa in a dark room in front of a computer watching porn. So he naturally couldn’t look after Kate and her older sisters 14 and 16. So now they have gone into a foster home.
Also another thing about bad Doctors is. The same crap talking doctor said that I couldn’t go see her for about 6 months (this guy likes 6 months). So Kate is stuck it a foster home with no friends no mum and a doctor that comes in to check on her every single freaking day!! So much for leaving her alone. That is how I know he is talking absolute bull.
Cloudy Out
Fuck all you doctors

Robbie’s Entry
Okay here goes, Hello guys, long time no see did you have a good Christmas? I know I did, *sigh* oh god Robbie you're talking to the internet again...Anyways recently Katelyn's (Jack's girlfriend) mum died so it is a very sad moment for Jack (I'm sure he'll put most the details on his blog) I and I'm sure Jonathan and the rest of the crew feel the same way as Jack so we all pay our respects and yeah I guess she's in a better place

R.I.P. Harriet Garret

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