Friday, 18 January 2013

Leo's First Blog - Tekkit will be uploaded soon.

Leo's Blog

Hi, I'm Leo. Also known as RatofDoom2 and I upload the Tekkit episodes. I'm just making this blog to say that I will attempt to upload Tekkit Episode 6 on Tuesday and hopefully it won't break. Jack said in one of his blogs that our factory has blown up. We're planning to do a Series 2 with no off-screen work done and definitely no cheating (looks at Jonathan.)

I'm not sure if we're still doing Hack Slash Mine after Tekkit or maybe even Voltz but hopefully we will do one of these. So look forward to Tekkit coming out.

Message of the Week: Snow is awesome and epic!

Mah Youtube channel:

This is RatofDoom2, signing out

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