Sunday, 20 October 2013

The description of The Hive Survival Games- Round 100th

Hello and Welcome to JPJPRM!! Now, i am handwriting this description, cuz if you didn't know i normally just copied and pasted the last description and changed it to the episodes details. But... this description is different because, you- the viewers- deserve more than just the copied and pasted rubbish. So, i wanted to talk about how long it has taken to get to this stage in the Hive Survival Games series; the first plan was to get to the 100th by september 2013, its now October, sorry about that. Plus many times i almost gave up recording for Youtube, because this struggle of uploading videos everyday is hard for me, my internet and my family. First of me, because i record on 20fps, which if you know is really hard to record on, plus i get lag spikes all the time meaning that the total of failed recordings add up to 642, about half of my total games played, and out of that only 100 have emerged. Secondly my internet, because if you know my internet isn't the best around; it is 1.4mb/s download and 0.4mb/s upload, meaning that to upload a 15 minutes youtube video it has to take around 850 minutes to upload to YouTube, and this video that is rendered (compressed) says it will take over 5000 minutes, but im am doing it for you guys, and also because of my uploads the internet slows down to download of 0.1 and upload of 0.03 and sometimes my mum works from home, so sometimes she doesn't get her work done. And for my family it is affecting them because when i have to come off from the computer, i am normally in a bad mood this is because my computer is so so bad and sometimes i can't get a recording done because of the lag that my computer is giving me whilst recording, so i am saving up for a new computer, i have currently got about £250 and my mum has said that she will give me more money for christmas, so i might get a new computer then.

Guys, seriously, i would not of done this many videos if you guys were not watching them, so just thank you for watching these videos, alot goes into them, it may not seem it from your end, but i have to name them give the discription, and sometimes. I don't have enough time do that with all the homework that i am getting now, (And i congratulate if you have made it this far down the description, but there is still more to come...) it is sometimes just too much for me, plus with all the clubs that i do after school, Monday- Free Time Tuesday- Judo Wednesday- Athletics Thursday- Free Time Friday- Football Training Saturday- Football Training Sunday- Football Match. So that doesn't leave me much time to record the videos that are meant to come out DAILY so that is sometimes why the videos are becoming shorter and less involved, it is just because we have tried to record loads of videos before you have seen the one that is coming out and failed and also we have to get about 3 recorded in one day for them to be daily. Which i have wanted this to be a daily channel for along time.

Also guys, i have been going through some times lately that have made me not able to record with Leo, Harry and Harry, this is because of break-ups of girlfriends and also of my other friends who are not involved with the recording of videos, they get in fights and because i talk to them alot, i feel it is only right but to help with the situation, adn then sometimes i hurt both of them, and then i fell down. So i don't record for a while, or if i do the quality of the video is bad and my heart really isn't that much into it. But that enough about me (this stage your attention span must be amazing) and time to say about how much my friends do for this channel :)

Robbie, The channel Artist, was originally the 2nd member of JPJPRM he quit for reasons unknown, but yet still proceeds to make art for our channel and i hope he will continue for aslong as possible, because i have no idea how to use Photoshop, and also he was the maker of this intro to the video. Plus he is also making a outro for our videos at the moment:

Leo: Youtuber of his own, and he has to make videos for his own channel as well as record with me so he has to give up most of his time for Youtube, and for that i think his channel should get more views than this one, yet that doesn't happen for some reason :( and he is also the best pvpier i know and work with, he never loses trust in me, even though i push him off buildings and kill him aload of times; so i thank him for that :) :

Harry/PizzaClive: The comedian of the Videos :)... do i need to say anymore... d:D (<----- Guy with amazing hat)

And the other people i haven't mentioned the only reason i haven't mentioned you is because it would take too long to write down all about you, so in one simple word i thank all the people that record with me and are my friends that help me make the videos... videos.... THANKS!!

And viewers, thank you for being with me... along my journey to 100th round of Hive Survival Games, THANK YOU SO SO SO MUCH!!

That's all i have to say
Cloudy Out!! ;) :) d:D <33333

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Monday, 27 May 2013

Jpjprm’s Blog
Jack’s Entry
Busy busy busy!!
Hello and welcome to our awesome/strange youtube channel.
So I haven’t written a blog recently and that is because I have been really busy. Most of my day is taken over by jobs that I have to do and school. Which leavesno time for making blogs… J but because im on a long and boring car journey I can write one now. So last time I wrote a blog it was in…. January?? Febuary?? I haven’t a clue

So lets get to the point of this blog. An update of all the things that are going to happen soon:
When we hit 4000 total video views we are going to bring out a new walls series where we play the walls whenever we can and record it and show it you lovely lovely peeps. J Thatseries is going to be with Ratofdoom2 Jonathan Me and Mason. Mason is a new Jpjprmiem and currently has minecraft of the name COD_GEEK so if you see him on a server say hi.
When we hit 5000 total views we will each bring out a new video of what we enjoy to do in an our spare time me Creative Builds Jonathan, Being random Leo Blowing stuff up. I think mine is the best, cuz the others is just random *cough* Jonathan *cough* So that is what we will do for 5000 total video views.

Leo is currently making a mod and it is called the JPJPRM mod, he is currently making all the Mushy tools and blocks but has to wait for the videos to come out of making a mod before he can continue on the mod. When he has finished the mod he will send it out to all the JPJPRMiems who will make a series with people or on there own. We will find any bugs in this mod and report them to leo who will fix them. Once most of the noticeable bugs are gone we will release to the public. We will put on the file (I dunno if that is how you do it) on the Minecraft Forums and then you peeps can download it from there or something…. I have no clue how to do it.

And another thing, if you people want to get in contact with me and want to record (either or both) add me on skype, my name is jackpriestley29 and I am on most days, I tend to stay up late and get up considuablty early. I wake up at 7am and go to bed at around 1am. So I am of most of the day if you wanna talk with me. If you don’t have skype you could email me and my colleges at and questions about our channel go to there and general talk goes to my skype.

That's all i have to say
Cloudy Out!!

Sunday, 14 April 2013

2,000 total video views

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Jack's Entry


Hello and welcome to our strange/ awesome Youtube channel
And not long ago... my last birthday -infact- when i first launched this Youtube channel... and since then our total view count has been going up... our first videos got like 10 views... but i was still happy and now in the present day i check back on them videos and they are in the 60's. And this Blog is for one reason and one reason only... to keep you peeps up-to date with all that is happening with Jpjprm, and my personal life. And  in this blog i have something to tell all you peeps... We are about to hit 2,000 views :) And not long ago i was thinking what to do for the 1,000 and then by the time we had come up with something (Survival Games Marathon) we had hit 1,200 total video views. So i was thinking we could do a special video each 2,000 total videos views... so if you could either contact me on my skype jackpriestley29 (please don't find out where i live, cuz that is my real name.... :/ ) or send an email to if you have an idea of what we could do for the special 2,000 total video mark :).

In other news i am going back to school tomorrow 15th (incase you watch this later than when it comes out) and the videos will slow down in speed cuz my internet takes freaking ages to upload an Survival Games video. And my dad has to use the internet during the day, and cuz the uploads slow down the internet (if that is even possible) he isn't able to use the internet... so he just shuts down the computer during the middle of an upload. But it is good news that i have got Survival Games round 41 and HardCore world (SPOILER ALERT!!) Series one and series 2.. i actually die in the nether.... :/ because during school time im not able to record cuz my dad does a night job, so he sleeps the only time i am able to record :/

That's all i have to say
Cloudy Out!!

Saturday, 9 March 2013


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Hello and welcome to our amazing/strange Youtube channel

Sorry sorry!! I haven’t done a blog in about 1 month, but I'm sure that no-one really missed them that much… So yeah.

Well Kate has come down with a disease which um… in 3 months it will kill her… there is no cure for this disease… ;(. It’s to do with the brain it sorta like melts away the brain cells. In time her brain will disintegrate into a pile of mush and she will die…

Kate is already forgetting stuff about herself, me and her friends…

If you know Kate in real life please don’t tease her about her brain melting, most likely if you do… she will break your balls(male) or try scratching your eyes out (female) so I advise not teasing her. Not that I would imagine anyone doing that but just to be sure…

Ok in other news a video of ours has 121 views which shows that more and more people are watching our videos!! Which is awesome cuz any Youtubers dream is to be a good youtuber. The strange thing is we haven’t got any more subscribers… still 11… which is really weird.

So I have set up a survey.. ill put the link at the bottom of the blog, and it is about what makes a good Youtuber. If you could answer all the questions that would be awesome. Thanks

Cloudy Out!!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Black Ops 2

Jpjprm’s Blog

Jack’s Entry

Black ops 2

Hello viewers of our Strange/Amazing Youtube Channel

So on Steam I have downloaded a new game (yes another one) Call of Duty Black Ops 2… IT’S AWESOME!!!!!!!! It took me about 7 hours to download (quick for my internet) and it is just the best game ever!! If you haven’t got it I insist that you do buy it for either Xbox or computer of Steam (sponsors).

So lately our (my house… #my house, in the middle of our street….)reception for our 3G, signal for calling and internet speed have got faster. BOOYA!!

So I am thinking of starting and new Minecraft series with (maybe) my brother… But because I get really annoyed with my brother (same with all of siblings of everybody in the universe) I might not do it with him…

Another problem about recording a Minecraft Series is my house is never quite, expect in the mornings when everyone is asleep.  So if I record I will wake up all my family. YAY!!

Also another problem is there is loads and loads and loads of people doing Minecraft Let’s Plays

Also also another problem is my internet…. It’s download speed has got better but upload speed has got worse… So it takes 8 hours to upload 5 mins (average)
Cloudy Out!!

Friday, 18 January 2013

Leo's First Blog - Tekkit will be uploaded soon.

Leo's Blog

Hi, I'm Leo. Also known as RatofDoom2 and I upload the Tekkit episodes. I'm just making this blog to say that I will attempt to upload Tekkit Episode 6 on Tuesday and hopefully it won't break. Jack said in one of his blogs that our factory has blown up. We're planning to do a Series 2 with no off-screen work done and definitely no cheating (looks at Jonathan.)

I'm not sure if we're still doing Hack Slash Mine after Tekkit or maybe even Voltz but hopefully we will do one of these. So look forward to Tekkit coming out.

Message of the Week: Snow is awesome and epic!

Mah Youtube channel:

This is RatofDoom2, signing out