Thursday, 1 November 2012

Back from Hols

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Back from Cornwall

Hello viewers of our amazing/strange Youtube videos.
Well I'm back from my 4 day stay in cornwall, with my girlfriend (forgot to put that in before), also rm/Robbie is back from London. So there might be more videos coming soon.

Um..... i really can't think what else to put.....

Oh yeah, at the moment we are planning our Tekkit series (spoiler) and because rm doesn't want to participate (big word of the day) we are getting another camera man, RatofDoom2 go subscribe to him. And also because on the server we go on we can get more people an extra person is joining. Duckman1000. I'm not sure if he has a Youtube account or not, but if you see him on any game (his username is normally Duckman1000) then just say hi. I'm still thinking of how to label our videos.
Should it be (title)-Tekkit with 2 other people-JPJPRM or (title)-Tekkit with a rat and a duck-JPJPRM. I don't know, please send messages to JPJPRM giving ideas of what the title should be

Please watch our strange/amazing (dang i got it mixed, but i can't be bothered to change it, I'm not lazy it's just because i am tired when i do these blogs)

Cloudy out!!

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