Sunday, 30 December 2012

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Well, our Tekkit factory has exploded, i think it was the (safe) nuclear reactor that Leo installed. I don't know if we recorded that or not.

Leo is currently away on holiday so we can't record anymore videos for JPJPRM. 
I hope you like the Robbie Builds, the 12 viewers that watch them. He hasn't been on skype for quite along time, when he does come on though i will ask him to upload more. Well if he sees this I won't have to.

On Steam (sponsor) I go on a game called Team Fortress 2 (only availible on Steam) and today (30th december) I have been finding it quite easy... so if you viewers know any better Team Fortress 2 like games that are harder, I would like to hear them. :)I am currently downloading Far Cry 3, it cost me £30 which is $48.86 US dollars (for other than English people) and i can't wait for it to download. As you know by my previous blogs you know that i have a slow internet, really slow, so it takes ages to download stuff off Steam.

I currently have £38.60 ($62.35), and i am wondering what to game to spend it on. By the way, i don't like Assassin's Creed 3, so don't say get that.So if you know what i should spend my money on. Send it to and i will look at it, then by that game if i like it.
Cloudy Out!!

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