Sunday, 14 April 2013

2,000 total video views

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Hello and welcome to our strange/ awesome Youtube channel
And not long ago... my last birthday -infact- when i first launched this Youtube channel... and since then our total view count has been going up... our first videos got like 10 views... but i was still happy and now in the present day i check back on them videos and they are in the 60's. And this Blog is for one reason and one reason only... to keep you peeps up-to date with all that is happening with Jpjprm, and my personal life. And  in this blog i have something to tell all you peeps... We are about to hit 2,000 views :) And not long ago i was thinking what to do for the 1,000 and then by the time we had come up with something (Survival Games Marathon) we had hit 1,200 total video views. So i was thinking we could do a special video each 2,000 total videos views... so if you could either contact me on my skype jackpriestley29 (please don't find out where i live, cuz that is my real name.... :/ ) or send an email to if you have an idea of what we could do for the special 2,000 total video mark :).

In other news i am going back to school tomorrow 15th (incase you watch this later than when it comes out) and the videos will slow down in speed cuz my internet takes freaking ages to upload an Survival Games video. And my dad has to use the internet during the day, and cuz the uploads slow down the internet (if that is even possible) he isn't able to use the internet... so he just shuts down the computer during the middle of an upload. But it is good news that i have got Survival Games round 41 and HardCore world (SPOILER ALERT!!) Series one and series 2.. i actually die in the nether.... :/ because during school time im not able to record cuz my dad does a night job, so he sleeps the only time i am able to record :/

That's all i have to say
Cloudy Out!!

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