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Hello and welcome to our amazing/strange Youtube channel

Sorry sorry!! I haven’t done a blog in about 1 month, but I'm sure that no-one really missed them that much… So yeah.

Well Kate has come down with a disease which um… in 3 months it will kill her… there is no cure for this disease… ;(. It’s to do with the brain it sorta like melts away the brain cells. In time her brain will disintegrate into a pile of mush and she will die…

Kate is already forgetting stuff about herself, me and her friends…

If you know Kate in real life please don’t tease her about her brain melting, most likely if you do… she will break your balls(male) or try scratching your eyes out (female) so I advise not teasing her. Not that I would imagine anyone doing that but just to be sure…

Ok in other news a video of ours has 121 views which shows that more and more people are watching our videos!! Which is awesome cuz any Youtubers dream is to be a good youtuber. The strange thing is we haven’t got any more subscribers… still 11… which is really weird.

So I have set up a survey.. ill put the link at the bottom of the blog, and it is about what makes a good Youtuber. If you could answer all the questions that would be awesome. Thanks

Cloudy Out!!

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