Monday, 27 May 2013

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Jack’s Entry
Busy busy busy!!
Hello and welcome to our awesome/strange youtube channel.
So I haven’t written a blog recently and that is because I have been really busy. Most of my day is taken over by jobs that I have to do and school. Which leavesno time for making blogs… J but because im on a long and boring car journey I can write one now. So last time I wrote a blog it was in…. January?? Febuary?? I haven’t a clue

So lets get to the point of this blog. An update of all the things that are going to happen soon:
When we hit 4000 total video views we are going to bring out a new walls series where we play the walls whenever we can and record it and show it you lovely lovely peeps. J Thatseries is going to be with Ratofdoom2 Jonathan Me and Mason. Mason is a new Jpjprmiem and currently has minecraft of the name COD_GEEK so if you see him on a server say hi.
When we hit 5000 total views we will each bring out a new video of what we enjoy to do in an our spare time me Creative Builds Jonathan, Being random Leo Blowing stuff up. I think mine is the best, cuz the others is just random *cough* Jonathan *cough* So that is what we will do for 5000 total video views.

Leo is currently making a mod and it is called the JPJPRM mod, he is currently making all the Mushy tools and blocks but has to wait for the videos to come out of making a mod before he can continue on the mod. When he has finished the mod he will send it out to all the JPJPRMiems who will make a series with people or on there own. We will find any bugs in this mod and report them to leo who will fix them. Once most of the noticeable bugs are gone we will release to the public. We will put on the file (I dunno if that is how you do it) on the Minecraft Forums and then you peeps can download it from there or something…. I have no clue how to do it.

And another thing, if you people want to get in contact with me and want to record (either or both) add me on skype, my name is jackpriestley29 and I am on most days, I tend to stay up late and get up considuablty early. I wake up at 7am and go to bed at around 1am. So I am of most of the day if you wanna talk with me. If you don’t have skype you could email me and my colleges at and questions about our channel go to there and general talk goes to my skype.

That's all i have to say
Cloudy Out!!

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